A Modern Journey Begins

2020 leads up to the 50th anniversary of the seminal quilt exhibit “Abstract Design In American Quilts” at the Whitney Museum in New York City in 1971. Its huge success helped sparked the late 20th century quilting revival that continues today and is exemplified, in part, in the modern quilting style promoted by the Modern Quilt Guild.  

Rainbow Stripes (73 x 80 Pennsylvania ca. 1900) was featured on the cover of the Abstract Design In American Quilts exhibition catalog.

Like many of today’s quilters, I have been greatly influenced over the years by numerous innovative and creative makers in our community that led the way in breaking from traditional quilting techniques and design, and encouraged the art of quilting in a free, innovative and spontaneous way.  Their influence helped the Modern Quilt Guild community grow this art form to where it is today. 

To acknowledge and celebrate their impact, I look to these “Quilting Influencers” as inspiration for our 2020 Block Of The Month series. I hope you enjoy this journey.                

 – Cynthia